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Welcome to diavendo.

Dear Madam / Sir,
here we are - your competent partners specializing in human resources development! We will give you the experienced coaching support you need and we will strive to never break the trust you have put in the caring hands of a professional.

We have been actively engaged in the service industry as trainers, coaches and consultants since 1992 and we have put special emphasis on the topics selling and leadership.

We would like to tell you how closely interrelated these topics are: Please read the following entry ‘Philosophy’. You will see what we personally think about that aspect and what we mean by quality and service awareness within the range of activities we provide for you.

You can put your trust in us - you will certainly not be disappointed - since your success is ours!

Kind regards,
Bernhard Patter, Marc Weitzmann and Steffen Schock

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