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  • Born 27 June 1975 in Linz, Upper Austria
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Grew up in Alkoven, a rural municipality near Linz
  • After some years abroad, now back in the area, in Hinzenbach, Upper Austria
  • A son (born 2014)
  • Working languages: German, English
  • Trainer, coach and personality developer

Career so far

  • Qualification for university entrance
  • Special course of studies in tourism management (Tourism Schools Klessheim, Salzburg)
  • 20 years in the hotel and tourism industry in Austria and abroad:
    • from chambermaid to hotel director
    • Since 2011: entrepreneur, training, consulting, mental coaching
    • Cooperation: diavendo trainer

Pursuits and passions

As soon as I put my ski gear back in the garage in the springtime after some wonderful days’ skiing, I get out my Harley and ride through the countryside. Not fast, I take my time. And I enjoy every spare minute with my son to the full. Playing and laughing are two very important things in my life.

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Training, seminars, workshops, educational courses: these terms are usually – but not always – used correctly. There are very clear differences between these career development measures and yet they all have a common goal:

to develop and nurture people.

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